Why Halal24?

Halal24 is European platform for companies and customers to make the access of  halal products and services easy way.

Halal24 is run by consortium of organizations and individuals under the lead of Polish Muslim Union (PMU).

PMU is  a platform of Muslims and Non-Muslims leaving in Europe founded in 1992 by students of Gazi Husrev Beg College in Sarajevo and it is oriented towards peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Non-Muslims worldwide and in Europe particular.

PMU believes that justice is core for peace   among all member of society and between societies regardless of their faiths or ideologies and to establish the justice is PMU’s primary focus in interaction between Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Hence dealing in halal way in daily life of customers and companies for Muslims and Non-Muslims  is road to justice worldwide –  Halal24 is created for this purpose.